Water Meter Replacements—Schedule Yours Today!

Starting in the Fall of 2020 we began replacing water meters for residents on city water and/or sewer with ones having more efficient reading and analysis capabilities.  A customer portal is another feature with the new meter that allows you to access your own usage data.  It can alert you to potential leaks that can be repaired before more money goes down the drain.  An email address is required to register for the Customer Portal.

If you are connected to city water and/or sewer and have not had your meter replaced, call 249-0917 or email robin@ricelakecitymn.com to make an appointment.

Appointments are scheduled between the times of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.  We will do our best to accommodate your schedule as we know working outside the home makes it difficult for someone to be there during our scheduling times.

The replacement takes about 1/2 hour and we need someone there to allow access to the current meter.  Our Public Works employee will follow COVID-19 protocol during the time at your home.

Once your meter has been replaced you will receive a letter or email with the login information to register for the Consumer Portal.  Select the link below to access the Portal Registration and User Guide.

Waterscope - Consumer Portal Guide

If you have additional questions contact the Utilities Clerk at 218-249-0917.