Rice Lake City Park Playground (In progress)

The City is working to make huge improvements to the City Park playground equipment and facilities. This project is currently underway and will be completed the summer of 2024.  For more information go to our Recreation page under Community.

Rice Lake Municipal Sewer Extension (In progress)

The City of Rice Lake will get $1.8 million as part of a bonding project. This project extends sewer up Rice Lake Road from about the Kwik Trip corner to just short of Chalstrom’s. This commercial area will then be served with water and sewer. This money will also be used to complete a water loop by connecting two existing watermains between Kwik Trip and Open Arms. We can thank Representative Natalie Zeleznikar and Senator Grant Hauschild for keeping this project in the bonding bill to the last hour. 

Public Works Building Expansion (Completed)

This expansion project is part of the City’s Capital Improvement Plan addressing City Infrastructure needs. The existing Public Works building is undersized to meet the City’s current and future needs. Size limitations means trucks and equipment are stored outside in the elements likely shortening their life span. Future City growth and development were also considered in the planning of this project making this expansion one that can serve this city’s needs for many years to come. Listed is some items the expansion project includes:

  • New storage and maintenance bays, getting the equipment out of the elements.
  • A wash bay for cleaning the vehicles and equipment for both Public Works and the Fire Hall.
  • Fire protection and security systems. More efficient HVAC and plumbing.
  • Minor remodeling of the existing office area to include an office space for the Public Works Supervisor.