Fire Department

The Rice Lake Volunteer Fire Department’s mission is to minimize the loss of life and property resulting from fire, medical emergencies, and other disasters.  We will accomplish our mission through prevention, education, fire suppression, medical services, and other related emergency and non-emergency activities.  We will actively participate in our community, serve as role models, and strive to utilize all the resources effectively and efficiently at our command to provide a service deemed excellent by our citizens.

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Burning Permits

Burning permits are available at City Hall.  They may also be obtained online at:

Permits are only valid for trees, brush, leaves, clean unpainted lumber or other dry vegetative material.  Check the following DNR website to see if there are burning restrictions prior to applying. 

Statewide fire danger & burning restrictions | Minnesota DNR


Under M.S. 88.171, Prohibited Materials Include (but are not limited to):

Garbage, oils, rubber, plastics, tires and chemically treated materials such as railroad ties, treated lumber, composite shingles, tar paper, insulation, composition board, sheet rock, wiring, paint, hazardous and industrial solid waste.

How to Get, Replace, or Properly Install a 911 Address Sign

Brochure - How Do I Get An 911 Address

Adopt a Hydrant Program

Every winter we ask the community to support our Fire and Utility Departments by adopting a hydrant near their property (if applicable).  Adopting a  hydrant means volunteering to clear a path approximately 3 feet around the perimeter of the hydrant after a snowfall during the winter season. If you are interested in adopting a hydrant, contact the utilities department at 218-249-0917.  

Hydrant Map