Utilities – Public Works

The Utilities Department provides for the operation and maintenance of the city's water and sewer systems. Providing clean and safe water and reducing inflow and infiltration into our Sanitary Sewer System.  This is done through regularly scheduled inspections, water testing, and routine maintenance.

Shayne Downey – Supervisor

Robin Murphy – Clerk

Justin Schendel – Worker

You can access and manage your Utility Account and make online payments by selecting the link below.

How much does your utilities cost per month and why?

City Projects

Selling your home and have city sewer?  You will need to contact the Utility Clerk to schedule a sewer lateral inspection prior to closing on your home unless a passing inspection was completed within the last two years.  A Certificate of Compliance letter from the City would have been sent to you after the inspection and expires within two years of date on letter.

Buying a home that has city sewer and/or water?  Complete the Water/Sewer Application form.

Connecting to city sewer and/or water for the first time?  Here’s what you need to know.

City water – is it safe for drinking? Review the latest Consumer Confidence Report (link below) or stop by City Hall to request a printed copy.

Water meters – how can they benefit you?

Hydrant Use Permit

Summer Sewer and Snowbird Applicant Forms & Policy

Utility Ordinances and Policies

Utility Contractor licensing