Utilities – Water/Sewer New Connection Information

Are you building a new structure and want to connect to City sewer and/or water? 

Contact City Hall at 218-249-0917 to see if city sewer and/or water are available for your property. If they are you will receive a Water/Sewer Connection Application to include the appropriate fees for your property location and type (residential or commercial). WLSSD determines the Sewer CAF (Capacity Availability Fee) once we have a sewer plan. This determination dictates both the Sewer and Water CAF fees. 

Ordinance #44 can be found under City Ordinances regarding trunk and connection fees (link provided at bottom of this page)

Hiring a permitted Contractor:

Select from the list of current contractors permitted within the City of Rice Lake. A different contractor may be chosen that is not listed but they need to become permitted prior to ground-breaking.

Along with your application, a Sewer and Water Installation Proposal to include plans will need to be completed by your hired permitted Contractor. A City Official will review to ensure the plan meets City specifications and State plumbing codes where applicable.

Creating a Utility Account:

Water-Sewer service application – no fee for this, the $25 mentioned on the form is included with the Connection Fee for a new service.

All forms must be completed, submitted, and approved with all fees paid prior to groundbreaking.

Any groundbreaking prior to City approval of installation plan, receipt of application, and payment of fees is a violation of City Ordinances and could result in violation penalties for the property owner. The Contractor would also be in violation and could have their excavation permit suspended or revoked in the City of Rice Lake.

Completed forms can be emailed to robin@ricelakecitymn.com or dropped off at City Hall by property owner. Fees are to be paid once you have been notified by the City of approval.  Payments can be made by check or cash at City Hall in person or using the 24/7 secure drop box. Payments can also be made by card online or echeck. A 3%+ processing fee applied for card payments made through our website their is no fee for e-check payments. No online payments can be made until approved and an account is set up in our billing system.


Before the connection can be backfilled, an inspection by a City Official or Engineer must be completed and pass. Contact the Public Works Supervisor at 218-249-0818 at least one week prior to the work starting to have a City Representative available for inspection.

Applicable Ordinances to reference using the link below.

  • Sewer Ordinance #25
  • Water Ordinance #27 
  • Trunk Fee Ordinance #44
  • Standard Specs ordinance for Public Infrastructure - Ordinance #38 

City Ordinances