Metron Water Meters monitor more than just usage.

The City began replacing water meters, in the Fall of 2020, for residents on city water and/or sewer with ones having more efficient reading and analysis capabilities.  A Consumer Portal is another feature with the meter that allows the consumer to access their own usage data.  It can alert the resident of potential leaks that can be repaired before your water bill gets out of control.  An email address is required to register for the  Portal.

Almost all meters have been replaced in the City with a few exceptions. If you are connected to city water and/or sewer and have not had your meter replaced, call 218-249-0917 or email to schedule an appointment. Residents with the older meters are being billed the flat rate for both sewer and water as the older meters cannot be read due to equipment failure. The flat rate is higher then what a resident would normally pay so it is cost effective to have the meter replaced and is in accordance with City Ordinance #27. 

Select the link below to access the Portal Registration and User Guide that will walk you through the registration process.

Waterscope - Consumer Portal Guide

If you have additional questions contact the Utilities Clerk at 218-249-0917.